Sports and Mass Media


Sports are a broad category of activities, involving competition and physical activity. Some of these activities are played with professional athletes, while others are enjoyed by individuals. These activities may be played indoors or outdoors, and may involve sweating and physical exhaustion. Athletes have training, and sports coaches help train individuals and teams.

Some types of sports are considered purely aesthetic, but modern sports emphasize quantitative achievement. A notable shift in the definition of sports is the shift in the meaning of the word “measure.” In the Renaissance, “measure” meant an aesthetic sense of balance and proportion. By the 17th century, “measure” began to refer to a numerical value.

During the 20th century, sports became more popular and widespread worldwide. As a result, many national sports organizations were created, and sports rules were universally accepted. In addition, women and people of color won rights to participate in some sports. As a result, modern sports are part of a globalization process.

Mass media also play an important role in commercializing sports. Sports-related merchandise and equipment are heavily influenced by media coverage. This increased exposure is crucial for the development and evolution of modern sports. This has led to a close relationship between sports and mass media.