The Importance of Emotions in Sports


Fans of sports are prone to intense identification with their favorite team, or hatred of the rivals. Their feelings are influenced by their performance, and they can range from hope and excitement before a game to despair and elation after a late-game goal transforms a loss into a victory. The importance of emotions in sports is well-documented. Here are four of the most common emotions experienced by sports fans. What are your favorite feelings about sports?

The word “sport” implies a vigorous physical activity. The body moves through an environment while burning calories, sweating, and achieving physical exhaustion. A person participating in a sport improves a particular body part and can improve their abilities in future activities related to that sport. For this reason, sport can be extremely beneficial for health. People who participate in sport have a greater sense of accomplishment than people who don’t. But what can the benefits of playing sports be?

Sport is a cultural and social activity that has been part of human history for centuries. Some sports are essentially contests, while others are noncompetitive ritual performances. Ancient Aztec and Chinese people played ball games, but were not actually contests. Even modern sports are a combination of rituals and competitions. Moreover, sports have been used as a political tool. Throughout history, the history of sports shows the importance of identity politics.