What Are Sports?


Sports are physical activities involving competition, usually among teams. They aim to develop physical skills and improve the players’ ability to perform future activities. Sport is governed by rules, which ensure fair and consistent adjudication of winners.

The Oxford dictionary defines a sport as “an activity which is played for fun, in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment, and whose aim is to promote fitness and physical abilities.” It can be a contest or a tournament.

Games such as rugby, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and many more are sports. Some sports have two sides, while other sports may be contested between hundreds of people at the same time. In a competitive sport, participants are graded based on subjective and objective measurements.

In the early twentieth century, volleyball boomed in the Philippines. Gymnastics, cheerleading, ice events, and other activities requiring skill are also sports.

During the Renaissance, sports moved from being strictly physical contests to being more of an art form. The French and Italian fencers saw fencing as a sort of art.

Today, sports are primarily governed by set of rules. These are agreed upon before the game begins and serve to ensure that the game is fair and competitive. Besides, these rules help to avoid cheating.

Sports also involve intense physical activity, and athletes have to train in order to achieve their maximum physical abilities. Cheating, however, is not encouraged. Athletes must strive to do their best while playing the sport, or they risk losing their title.