A Guide to Sports


Sport is an activity or contest that involves physical movement and involves goals, challenges, and rules of play. It is a social phenomenon that has evolved throughout human history.

Globalization of Sports – a Complex Process

During the 20th century, the development of modern sports was influenced by the interwoven economic, political, social, and cultural patterns of globalization. These patterns shaped the rise of international sports organizations, the standardization of national and international rules for individual and team sports, the creation of regularly scheduled international competitions, and the establishment of special competitions such as the Olympic Games.

Sociology of Sports – a Complex Process

The sociology of sports examines the social impact of sport on people and their lives. A broad range of research is conducted in this area.

Sociologists have examined the role of sports in society, the relationship between sport and gender, and the emergence of professional sports. They have also examined the relationship between sport and social class.

Defining Sport

One way to define sport is to understand it as autotelic, or play, physical contests that have their own goals and objectives and are uncoerced. This is a useful definition, but it does not completely clarify all of the questions that arise from it.

How to Watch Live Games – a Complex Process

If you are a sports fan, you want to be able to watch all of the major leagues and tournaments. You can do this by subscribing to one of the many individual-sport streaming services that offer live coverage from all major leagues and sports events.