Definitions of Sports


The term sports has many definitions. Depending on who is doing the participating, it can be informal or formal. It also depends on the role the individual plays in the sport. Some examples of roles include athlete, coach, trainer, or instructor. In addition to these roles, sports participation can be free-form, organized, or unstructured. Below are some examples of words commonly used with sports. Read on to learn more. Here are the definitions of some sports.

Traditionally, sports have been defined as games or physical activities involving competition. There are many definitions of sports, and each culture has its own. In general, the most useful definitions clarify the relationship between sports and games, contests, and play. Usually, games are played outside, and sports are a type of recreation. Some sports are played by individual participants, while others are contests between teams. For example, football refers to games in which players compete against each other.

Another definition of sports is the enjoyment of participation for its own sake. Famous sportsmen Pierre de Coubertin and Grantland Rice both said “sport is about having fun, not winning!” They also stressed that there should be no predetermined outcome. However, while rules are in place to ensure fair play, participants can often break them to give themselves an advantage. Therefore, sports are a great outlet for the expression of one’s inner and outer selves.