What Is Sports?


Sports are competitive activities that include a high level of physical exertion. It can be a physical activity, such as track and field or it could be an art such as golf, dancing, singing or fishing.

In the United States, a sport is an organized form of competition in which individuals or teams compete to win prizes. Some examples of competitive sports are soccer, baseball, tennis and cricket.

Some athletes who are part of a sport may compete for a team or a business, such as a school, and the competition is governed by the organization that sponsors the event. Others play on their own and compete without an organization.

There are different ways to judge a sport, some are objective (such as the time it takes to complete a race) and some are subjective (such as how well a swimmer swims). In many sports, a winner is determined by comparing a participant to another.

The development of modern sports is part of a larger process of globalization that has seen people, money, images and ideas move around the world at incredible speeds. These processes are fueled by technological advances, global cosmopolitan culture and a variety of social movements.